Frédéric and Barbara Trautmann share their buying experience with Evaco Group

Buying a home is often described as one of life’s most significant milestones, a journey filled with excitement, challenges and anticipation. For Barbara and Frédéric Trautmann, a French couple who bought a property in Mauritius, this journey has been an extraordinary adventure, shaped by their exceptional experience with Evaco Group.

The story of their experience begins with a painstaking search through several estate agents, until fate led them to meet Karen Angus, who steered them towards the Evaco Group projects. It was in the enchanting setting of Clos du Littoral Phase 1 that the spark of fascination turned into a real crush for Barbara. “The harmony between the surrounding nature and the property’s meticulous architecture captured our hearts, and that’s how we began our adventure with Evaco Group,” explains Frédéric.

Barbara shares with emotion the criteria that guided their choice. At the heart of their decision was trust, a quality reinforced by the consistency between the visual promises and the reality of the premises. “The photos we were shown of the house and the actual house we bought were copy and paste,” say the Trautmanns.

The Clos du Littoral, with its lush landscapes and unique architectural details, embodied this confidence and won them over instantly. The couple then explored Phase 2, which confirmed their belief in Evaco Group and its commitment to excellence.

Frédéric and Barbara

The purchasing process was also a crucial moment in this adventure. Frédéric and Barbara praised the sales team’s attentive support and the transparency of the process. This flexibility and open communication contributed greatly to their peace of mind throughout the process.

When they talk about the aspects of their property that attracted them most, Barbara highlights the quality of the decoration and the attention to detail that characterize the Clos du Littoral homes. This consistency of excellence between the different phases of the project reinforces their confidence in Evaco Group and even makes them want to explore the option of buying in the future Phase 3. “When you look at Phase 1 and 2 of Clos du Littoral, I feel confident about buying the villas in Phase 3 because I know it will be exactly what we’re being offered,” says Barbara.

When it comes to Evaco Group’s level of service, Frédéric and Barbara express their deep satisfaction with the team’s availability and diligence. Their commitment to excellence and consistent professionalism are major assets that have contributed to their positive experience. They warmly recommend Evaco Group to anyone looking not only for an exceptional property, but also for quality service and unrivalled peace of mind. “Before moving back to France, we bought an Athena villa. Evaco is always there and if we need them, they respond quickly, we recommend Evaco of course because we’re sure of what’s going to happen. Things will be done properly and there will be a follow-up,” emphasizes Barbara.

“We are also very satisfied with the other services offered by the group’s subsidiaries, including Histia, Fine & Country and even Stantons,” says Frédéric. Barbara and Frédéric Trautmann’s story is much more than a simple account of a property purchase. It is a captivating account of an adventure marked by trust, excellence and satisfaction, and a genuine invitation to dive into the exquisite world of real estate in Mauritius with the Evaco Group.

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