Gross direct investment flows on the rise: Mauritius has reached a new peak in 2023

Mauritius has recorded remarkable growth in gross direct investment flows in 2023, reaching a new peak with estimates amounting to Rs 37,011 million, compared with Rs 33,491 million in 2022, an increase of more than 10%. This increase is underpinned by four key sectors: real estate, agriculture, forestry and fishing, hotels and information and communication technology (ICT), according to the Bank of Mauritius’ preliminary estimates published on 26 April 2024. 

While real estate has maintained a stable contribution over the years, the exceptional performance of the hotel, ICT and agro-industry sectors testifies to the government’s efforts to strengthen and diversify the island’s economy. This success also reflects the effectiveness of the Economic Development Board’s strategy to attract foreign talent and capital to various sectors in Mauritius. 

It is worth noting that in 2023, the real estate sector attracted massive investment, reaching Rs 13.91 billion, thanks to the IRS/RES/IHS/PDS/SCS1 programmes. 

Geographically, France, the United States and South Africa were the main sources of investment in Mauritius, illustrating the growing interest of international investors in the Mauritian market. 

Alongside this increase in inward investment, Mauritius has also recorded outflows of gross direct investment abroad, totalling Rs 1,216 million in 2023, compared with Rs 8,920 million in 2022. These outflows were mainly directed towards the real estate, financial and insurance activities, and manufacturing sectors, with Kenya, the United Arab Emirates and France as destinations.  

These data reveal a promising dynamic in the investment landscape in Mauritius. This reflects growing investor confidence in the island’s business climate and its attractiveness as an investment destination.  

It will be interesting to watch how these trends develop over the coming years, as Mauritius continues to strengthen its economic base and attract the attention of investors from around the world. 


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