The North of Mauritius, the ideal place to settle down

Looking for the perfect place to set up your dream home in Mauritius? Look no further! We take you to the North of the island. A region that offers the perfect blend of tropical charm and rich cultural experiences. Whether you’re planning to buy a primary residence or a second home, the North of Mauritius will seduce you with its breathtaking beaches and incomparable quality of life.

Let us guide you through the wonders of this region and discover why it’s the perfect place to settle down.

The north of Mauritius
Family on the beach

Why the North?

The North, with its well-developed infrastructure, varied services, and modern facilities, attracts many residents. The residents are mainly looking for convenience and a vibrant urban life. With a plethora of shops, schools as well as shopping centres, the North offers a dynamic and stimulating living environment. Not to mention its magnificent beaches, which add a touch of paradise to this already attractive region.

The villages of the North

If you work in the north of the island, you are lucky enough to live in a region that caters for all your needs. From Trou-aux-Biches to Grand-Gaube, the north of Mauritius is full of dynamic, peaceful, and authentic neighbourhoods where life is good.

Grand-Baie is known as the capital of the North and is a real jewel offering a lively living experience on the edge of a turquoise lagoon and magnificent beaches. With its many schools, shops, bars and restaurants, Grand-Baie is the perfect place for those looking for everyday proximity.

Trou-aux-Biches, further away from Grand-Baie, is the tourist area par excellence. With its magnificent beach and sparkling lagoon, it’s the perfect place for sea and nature lovers. But that’s not all: there’s also the Evaco Group’s Beach Club to discover. A destination not to be missed by lovers of relaxation and culinary delights.

Péreybère, just past Grand-Baie along the coast, is a fast-growing village renowned for its small coves and public beach. Although increasingly populated, Péreybère retains its authentic charm and offers a pleasant living environment for its inhabitants..

Cap Malheureux, with its famous, red-roofed chapel on the edge of the lagoon, is a haven of peace. Although rents are higher here, living in Cap Malheureux is a unique experience, far from the hustle and bustle of the big shopping centres.

Calodyne, with its beautiful homes and spacious gardens, offers an unspoilt country lifestyle, just minutes from the main shopping areas. It’s the ideal place for those looking for tranquillity while remaining close to amenities.

Grand-Gaube, a typical fishing village, has an authentic and picturesque character. Finally, the Forêt Daruty, a little further inland, offers a green and pleasant environment to live in, just a few minutes from the centre. With its new buildings and proximity to nature, the Forêt Daruty is an ideal place to live for those seeking peace and quiet.

In conclusion, the North of Mauritius is a region rich in diversity, showcasing a multitude of housing options to suit all lifestyles.

The Evaco Group’s projects in the North

The Evaco Group stands out for its commitment to offering exceptional residences in idyllic surroundings, and the projects in the North of Mauritius are a perfect illustration of this.

Cap Marina, a fast-growing project in Grand-Baie, is perfectly in line with the aim of enabling residents of the villas to take full advantage of all the assets offered by the North of Mauritius. Located in this dynamic and attractive region, Cap Marina allows residents to enjoy not only the modern amenities and developed infrastructure of the North, but also easy access to the region’s heavenly beaches and tourist attractions.

Similarly, the Villas Nautica in Phase 3 of Clos du Littoral reflect the excellence and refinement. Nestled in the heart of Grand-Baie, these villas offer a harmonious fusion of modern design and eco-conscious living. Every detail is carefully thought out to ensure the well-being of residents.

Whether at Clos du Littoral Phase 3 or Cap Marina, the Evaco Group’s projects in North Mauritius embody the very essence of luxury, comfort, and the perfect lifestyle.

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