Evaco Group: Welcoming William Martin as new Sales and Marketing Director

We had the pleasure of meeting William Martin, the newest addition to Evaco Group as Sales and Marketing Director. Originally hailing from both Mauritius and Italy, William shared his captivating career journey and invaluable professional experiences.

An international career path

William’s journey began in Mauritius, but at the age of 10, he ventured to England to pursue his education in a boarding school. Despite the distance, he maintained a strong connection to his native island, returning regularly during the holidays.

After completing his university studies, William was on holiday in Mauritius when he received exciting news: he had landed a job in Paris with the global luxury giant LVMH. His journey at LVMH began in the marketing teams of prestigious brands such as Givenchy, Kenzo, Fendi, and Emilio Pucci. His talent quickly gained recognition, leading to his promotion to Brand Manager for Fendi, which brought him back to London to oversee the cosmetics and fashion product lines.

The pursuit of the American Dream

William’s ambition knew no bounds. Just four months later, he encountered a new opportunity within the sales team. He took over the Givenchy portfolio while retaining his role as Brand Manager for Fendi. Presented with a choice between Dubai and Miami to broaden his expertise, he promptly opted for Miami, eager to pursue his American dream.

William’s fascination with the United States’ innovation, dynamism, and commitment to human rights drew him to Miami. Over the next four years, his passion for travel and discovery led him to explore the United States, Latin America, the Caribbean, and the French West Indies on both business and personal trips, broadening his professional and cultural horizons.

Returning to roots and the Evaco Opportunity

In early 2020, William embarked on a new chapter as the Vice President of International Sales at Palms Beach Beauté. However, his plans to relocate to Panama were disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic, which closed borders just days before his departure. Forced to temporarily work from Italy, he eventually returned to Mauritius in early 2021, continuing his role remotely.

During his tenure in Mauritius, William took time to reflect on his future, both personally and professionally. The arrival of his daughter encouraged him to settle permanently on the island, recognising the opportunity to apply his international expertise to local development. In May 2024, William embraced a fresh challenge at Evaco Group, enticed by the sector’s dynamism and the chance to shape the future for clients while nurturing his teams.

Driving success through determination and vision

Throughout his career, William has encountered numerous challenges, each overcome with unwavering determination. He firmly believes that success hinges on one’s attitude towards adversity. Armed with dynamism, meticulousness, and boundless energy, William intends to leverage these qualities at Evaco, driving tangible and rewarding outcomes for both the company and himself. He strives to foster the development of his teams, creating an environment that nurtures professional growth and satisfaction.

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