Business performance: the Evaco Group among the Top 500

In its special edition, Eco-Austral “Top 500” sheds light on the financial performance of 500 companies based in across Reunion Island, Mauritius, Madagascar, and Mayotte, with an analysis of their latest figures. Despite the difficult economic context, these companies have displayed impressive resilience. The Evaco Group maintains its position among the Top 500 companies for the year 2018-2019.

According to the editor-in-chief, Alain Foulon, the Top 500 provides an excellent insight on the regional economic landscape. “The company ranked first has a turnover of 1.1 billion euros and the one at the 500th place has a turnover of just over 4 million euros. Almost all the major economic players were at profit during the financial Year 2018-2019, “ he stated.

The Evaco Group is comprised of a workforce of more than 700 employees while being present in various sectors of the economy through 4 main core competency clusters : engineering, construction, manufacturing & architecture, property development, leisure & hospitality, consulting and corporate Services.

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