Investment in Mauritius: 5 reasons to choose real estate  

Nestled at the heart of the Indian Ocean, Mauritius remains one of the most popular destinations for European investors. Invest with confidence while enjoying the tropical charm of the island and countless advantages. If you are looking for a secure, reliable and lucrative investment environment, here are 5 reasons why Mauritius should be your first choice:

1. A propitious environment for real estate investment   

Real estate investment is a golden opportunity for foreigners. Mauritius has an exemption policy on inheritance tax. Moreover, with the preferential exchange rate you will enjoy a high purchasing power while taking advantage of the relatively low cost of living. The steps to follow for the acquisition of a property are quite simple.

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2. Attractive tax benefits 

When you invest in Mauritius, you enjoy several tax benefits. Indeed, the country has opted for a simple and advantageous tax policy. The Mauritian government does not impose taxes on real estate assets. You will also note an absence of tax on capital gains and dividends. Your profits can be freely transferred. Not only are there no property taxes and inheritance tax, but the income tax is one of the lowest in the world at only 15%.

3. Real estate schemes   

The Mauritian government set up a favourable tax regime to encourage foreign investment via real estate projects making living or investing in Mauritius an unmissable opportunity. Foreign citizens who wish to buy a house, apartment or villa in Mauritius can invest in complete security, while enjoying many advantages through the Property Development Scheme (PDS) including eligibility for a permanent residence permit.

4. High-end properties at your fingertips 

Following the introduction of the Property Development Scheme (PDS), foreigners can invest in real estate properties with a peace of mind. Evaco Group offers a wide range of properties ideally located in the north of Mauritius. You can buy a prestigious villa, apartment or other type of real estate while enjoying from the many advantages of the PDS.

5. Double Taxation Agreement   

The Mauritian jurisdiction has 45 Double Treaty Avoidance Agreement – DTAA thus far. These treaties not only aim at reducing or eliminating double taxation, but also ensure strict control over tax procedures. Several countries around the world, including Belgium, France, the United Kingdom, Germany, South Africa, the United Arab Emirates and Canada have signed this agreement with Mauritius. In short, if you are Belgian and buy a property in Mauritius, you are not required to pay taxes in your country of origin. You are only subject to the taxes and duties in Mauritius.

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