Mauritius: one of the 8 paradises for millionaires!

Wealth Migration Mauritius

Mauritius stands out as one of the most sought-after destinations for millionaires in search of security and thriving economic opportunities. As one of the “Safe Haven”, alongside Australia, Switzerland, Singapore and others, the country has transformed its economy by attracting a wealthy population from all over the world. These are the findings of Henley&Partners’ Private Wealth Migration Report 2024.

Safe Haven Mauritius
Source: Henley&Partners

The country’s attractions

The country has several features that attract millionaires. Firstly, Mauritius enjoys exceptional security and stability, with low crime rates and a safe environment. Secondly, Mauritius offers an ideal setting for international wealth management and investment, with a strong banking system and a worldwide reputation in wealth management.

Impact on the economy and society

The arrival of millionaires in Mauritius does more than boosts its international appeal. It also stimulates the local economy by encouraging business start-ups, bolstering local stock markets and contributing to the luxury real estate sectors. What’s more, the country has become a popular retirement destination, offering a comfortable lifestyle and superior healthcare.

In conclusion, the country perfectly embodies the concept of safe haven and prosperity for millionaires from all over the world. With its modern infrastructure, political and economic stability, and high-level services, the country continues to attract those seeking to protect and grow their wealth while enjoying an exceptional living environment. For investors and wealthy families, Mauritius represents a unique opportunity to find security, stability and long-term financial success.

Common features of the Safe Haven 8 countries

The “Safe Haven 8” countries share the following characteristics:

  • All are popular destinations for migrant millionaires, with foreign-born migrants accounting for over 40% of the millionaire population in each of these countries.
  • All have experienced strong millionaire population growth of +35% or more over the past decade.
  • All are classified as high-income markets by the World Bank.
  • All rank highly on key safety indicators such as intentional homicide rates, child safety and women’s safety.

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